This is a site for Vets that Support Yang - we are not condoned or denied by either the Yang Campaign nor the US Military nor anyone but ourselves

​Q: So what do you do? 

A: We tell our stories on the blog and in videos, we provide a community for veterans in our slack group (ask to join!) and we offer t-shirts for our fellow veterans that support Yang​

  • We have ordered 1 T-shirt design so far, and made a members area where you can chat about vet stuff and Yang stuff, away from twitter and facebook and all that. 

  • We're thinking about what to add to the store next. Hoodies?!)

Q: What do you do with the money? 

A: We plan to cover costs (haven't yet),  then we use it to put T-shirts on vets at rallies we are present at, if we somehow end up with surplus we will donate to veterans charities. 


Vets for Yang was born at the intersection of our personal oaths to support and defend the constitution and our belief that Yang's campaign represents the best path to do that for our Republic. 

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