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Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Writing this blog

I'm writing this from my wife's hospital bedside. She and my unborn daughter are both at risk. But will persevere. We have the best people here for what we need and are blessed with friends and family helping us with everything else. But I'm writing to ask something of you.

I'm writing asking for your money, your time, your dedication. Not for me. Not even for us. For the mission. Cause for right now I cant.

Life has changed for me personally, so much and so fast that we’re likely far from processing it yet.

My wife is going to give birth to our baby daughter three months early. She’s struggling through a severe form of Preeclampsia called HELLP syndrome. The only cure is delivery of the baby. She’s holding on like a mother, buying time for steroid treatments to help mature the baby’s lungs more rapidly to help her through her three month NICU stay.

We’ve had an outpouring of support from friends and family and we are very blessed. The baby’s vital sigs are as perfect as they can be. My Wife’s are much better than they were and trending in the right direction, buying precious time for the baby to get ready for the ordeal ahead.

Our four and a half year old daughter is doing well too. Being brave with grandparents and close friends. Having sleepovers and playdates and loving every minute of it. She’s been learning a lot about doctors and she asked if the doctors brought their otoscopes. (They did.)

After people ask about the baby and my wife sometimes they get around to asking about me. With no intention of bragging or bravado: I am curiously fine. I feel a smooth calm in getting done what needs to be done and comforting my wife. More akin to routine operations in wartime well rehearsed than the fire or strange confusion or genuine gut wrenching terror of firefights and dismounted patrols through minefields.

I’ll probably process it later. I know intellectually its going to be challenging I know it will be hard - but I feel calm and even serene. It will be what it will be. People will help us and we will make it through.

What would I ask of you? Be kind to and strong for one another. Be #Humanity First [This is how it ends on my personal blog but, here there's a little bit more to you, my comrades in arms.]

Winter is here.

UPDATE: Winter is here. She has her mothers strength and fighting Spirit. Both are doing well. There is a long road ahead of us but we are through one of its harder passages. We are ready for and equal to the struggle.

I feel my commitment to electing Yang even more strongly, simultaneous with my commitment to focusing primarily and deeply on my family.

What do I ask of you? Continue the mission! I’m going to be heavily engaged elsewhere.

Please donate, volunteer, canvass, phone and text bank.

Thank you.


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