It is illegal to tell you if I voted for Yang

[at least in NC - so instead this is about how I think I will vote]

Alternate title: An algorithm for down ballot races

Hey, #YangGang did you know there are actually other races happening right now, not just a presidential primary?

It’s true! They call them “Down Ballot” races and there are dozens of decisions to make!

I know we all want to Think Harder but there’s no way I (nor likely anyone) can commit anywhere near the same amount of time and energy invested.

This is sad because probably 50% or more of the laws and government actions that effect any of us every day is from local and state governmental organizations. From HOAs to city, county, regional and state government.

So I made some rules of thumb to guide my down-ballot primary voting.

(In the general I will be voting straight D to chastise the R for their offenses these past few years.)

These are not rigorous iron clad rules in order they interact and are complex.

1.) Anyone most aligned to Yang&UBI

2.) Anyone most aligned to Yang policies

Unfortunately these two heuristics don’t help my particular voting at all.

Someone who can do the job elected to but also is:

3.) Someone with a deep emotional experience tin their past that will bear specifically on their job, that I happen to have e.g.

A.) A veteran

B.) A NICU parent

4.) A woman

5.) A minority

6.) A challenger to an incumbent

7.) Not Sanders aligned

8.) Have a halfway decent website

The results of this are here, and I am completely open to having my mind changed before I vote if anyone who feels strongly on these wants to talk.

In NC it is illegal to post an indication of how you have voted so I am posting this early to show what Im thinking and encourage conversation!

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