Now What?

Andrew Yang has suspended his campaign.

Maybe you're asking yourself how could he? How could we? Was any of it worth it? We're all asking What now?

We have at the very least an operational pause we need to take as the candidate re-assesses. Could he un-suspend? Maybe. Will he run again in 2024? Maybe. Will he run for another political office? Maybe. Will he start a non-profit to support down ballot aligned candidates? Maybe.

Hurry up and wait.

I know this is hard. But we veterans, we know what it means to suffer tactical defeats. Hell. Real talk? OIF/OEF veterans know what it means to take several tactical defeats, win dozens of tactical and operational victories and still know we're losing the war. At the strategic level many of us feel like we've never fought in a winnable war.

This war, the war to eradicate poverty, to grow our Republic into the shining city on a hill it aspires to be, and can be in the future. To step bravely into the unknown of the future knowing we are equal as a nation to the task. This is a war we can win. This is a war we will win.

So, brass tacks and immediate actions.

1.) Take a breather and spend some time with family.

2.) Still vote for Yang in the primary. The only poll that really counts is the one that happens on election day. Show the other candidates and the party that we demand UBI, democracy dollars, universal healthcare and modern solutions to modern problems and they ain't it.

3.) Start a savings account. Build up our war chest for next round. We truly could, if we all acted together deliver Andrew Yang 1 Billion dollars for his campaign.

Imagine the headlines if we had even 25% of his 400k donors ready to max out on day 1 when he declares his candidacy for 2024. $280M out the gate Volley fire BOOM. Then sustained rate contributions from the other 75% on track to max out throughout the campaign because we've all been saving.

"The rest of you get up, its time to go. What makes you human. The better world is still possible . Come fight with me."

Turn to YangGang. Keep charging.

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