Today on Veterans day don’t thank a veteran

Help us instead.

Being taken for granted is common to the vets experience. Do you want to actually make a meaningful impact? Don’t just thank a Veteran today. Help us accomplish our missions.

The only thing worse than being ignored, taken for granted, disrespected, or patronized is to fail in our missions. And we are failing. Help us not fail.

Most veterans are sick of being thanked. Because often people who are thanking us are doing so to give themselves permission to ignore us the rest of the time. Maybe thats not why you were planning to say thanks. But just the same actions speak louder than words.

So How can you actually help?

Donate or textbank or canvass for Yang. Do all of the above! Share pictures of it, use social proof to encourage others to as well!

Keep up pressure in Congress and Senate the to update and improve the Veterans Administration and what it does.

Give the Constitution another read.

Maybe ask a Veteran what their mission is, whats occupying their time and energy and how you can help.

So this veterans day, thank you, in advance, for helping in our mission. Lets get to work.

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