Welcome, #VeteransForYang reinforcements!

After Andrew Yang's amazing performance in the December Democratic Debate, we know reinforcements are on the way (he raised $750K next day!). We know new joins are coming.

1.) Welcome!

2.) We're very glad to have you.

3.) Get to work!

4.) Got any friends in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada? Intros ASAP!!


A.) DM us on twitter or email veteransforyang@gmail.com to join our slack channel

B.) Write a blog record a video or both to explain why you support Andrew Yang.

C.) Get your T-shirts if you want to show you're a #VeteranForYang

D.) Sign up to be an official Campaign volunteer.

E.) Then follow the actual Campaign's guidance on how to get involved!

Welcome again. Lets get to work.

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