Which shirt should you buy?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

TL;DR: Buy Ours! Have more money? Buy Both!

Our OG #VeteransForYang t shirts look great on everyone

Buy our original OG #VeteransForYang shirt if you want to spend a little less and you want it to ship in under a week. Any money after we’ve covered costs (still far from it!) will go to simply putting t-shirts on vets at rallies and events or for those that cant afford them but are canvassing and engaged. Think of ours as your working uniform. Your camouflage utilities. Your BDUs. Our t-shirt is made to work in. You probably want multiple.

Buy the campaign’s shirt if you want all the money (after production) to go the campaign and you’re willing to wait for it. Think of the official campaigns as a fancy uniform, you might be able to afford multiples.

Very Official from the campaign

To reflect that you might want multiple of our T-shirt we're updating our pricing. Our OG YangGangVets working t’s are now 1 for 25, 3 for 65, 5 for 95 10 for 120 - all +shipping and all ship in a week - limited run while supplies last!

Get yourself a bunch!

Shouldn’t someone have coordinated this better? Yep. We tried, now we’re working to make the best of it. Ask us about it over a beer if you want.

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